TCM Weight Management


The advantage of choosing TCM for weight management is personalized care plan. The treatments allow the body to restore homeostasis, metabolize excessive fat, remove edema, and restore health. It can be done by TCM Massotherapy (TuiNa) and herbal medicine.

TCM treatment protocol factors in individual’s emotional health, endocrine function and age to formulate differential diagnosis and treatment plan. Obesity is categorized into 5 types in TCM :

  1. Due to overeating
  2. Related to postpartum edema (swelling)
  3. Stress related
  4. Age related
  5. Hormonal Imbalance

Weight loss program, diet and lifestyle are recommended according to the categorization.


  • Healthy weight loss: The main goal is to improve your health. Healthy body facilitates natural weight loss.
  • Resolve other health issues simultaneously: TCM is personalized medicine. While facilitating weight loss, it can also cater to your other medical and wellness needs.
  • Normal food intake: Appetite can be suppressed by stimulating certain acupoints.
  • Free of side effect: There is no discomfort caused by drugs, such as dry mouth, palpitations, dizziness, bloating, diarrhea, or anorexia, etc.
  • Unlikely to regain weight: Clinical observation confirms that those who lose weight using TCM protocol are less likely to regain their weights if they maintain good lifestyle practices.


TCM Massotherapy

Weight loss is achieved by stimulating specific acupoint to modulate the meridian system. The meridian system regulates metabolism and promotes calorie burning to remove excessive fat and edema.

You can receive TCM Massotherapy for weight loss. TCM Massotherapy combines massage, trigger point, and other manual techniques to stimulate acupoints, meridian, muscles and/or nerves, in order to unblock the flow of Qi (vital energy), improve circulation, regulate visceral function and boost immune system. TCM Massotherapy for weight loss commonly focuses on the abdominal region to improve circulation and eliminate toxins.

Chinese Herbal Medication

On top of the above-mentioned therapy, Chinese herbal medicine can modulate many body functions and create a solid foundation for other weight loss programs. It is very effective and appropriate for secondary obesity caused by other underlying conditions. Each Chinese herbal prescription is customized for the individual to address the cause of obesity. Please do not share with others.

Is It Safe To Lose Weight While Breast-feeding?

Yes. TCM are one of the best choices for weight loss for postpartum moms. There is no side effect. It can also replenish nutritional deficiency from pregnancy. It is crucial to avoid dieting while breast-feeding, as mom is already burning more calorie during this period. Dieting may cause malnutrition, weakness, hair loss, and low milk supply, and indirectly affect the baby’s health.

It is advised that mom consumes sufficient (but not excessive) quality calories while losing weight during this period. Foods with dense nutrient contents and low calories are recommended, including dark leafy vegetables, lean meat and fish. Good nutrition is needed for mom to produce quality milk. It is appropriate to nourish the digestive system and eliminate edema with herbal medicine. Localized TCM Massotherapy around the abdomen, arms and legs are also appropriate.

Who is the Best Candidate For TCM Weight Management?

People of all ages. It works particularly well for women who are infertile or trying to conceive. Many studies have highlighted the link between obesity and infertility in both men and women. It is a program for weight loss, as well as disease prevention and treatment.

How Soon Will The Treatment Take Effect?

TCM Weight Management has the potential to achieve following results (may vary from person to person) :

  1. The protocol is approximately 3 months of treatment, however it could be longer for patients with very high BMI.
  2. Localized weight loss has great clinical success. Best result is seen in abdomen, followed by arm and leg.
  3. Usually patient can expect 2-3 kg weight loss in a month, and keep it off for long-term if the patient follow our instructions closely.
  4. Best results are seen with those who follow the doctor’s orders, in combination with good diet and lifestyle.

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